Monday, September 21, 2009

Endless Winter

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He reflected on her words. He knew this was a moment he would always remember, a defining opportunity in his life and his desire was to look at it as such. Nothing would ever be the same, or so it felt. He wanted to understand, to relate and sympathize, then accept it for what it was. Who was he to command anything of her? Now, he was no one. Not a person she would be concerned with anymore, anyway. How many nights will he spend awake thinking of her, fighting back tears or being fulfilled by them, wishing they had never met and instantly regretting the thought, refusing to let the pain leave as it is the last connection he has with her? She will not have these nights, she will spend a day in her own reflection then continue to enjoy this hot July summer while he endures an endless winter.

She wished she could have given him more. She sees only great and amazing in him, a beautiful face only surpassed by the warmth in his heart. Even now she detects his insatiable grace, the unwavering gold of his spirit that he shares with even the coldest soul. Her soul. How many nights will she spend awake wishing she had more to offer, the torturous thought of being with him but holding him back from everything he desires and can achieve, being without him and never feeling whole, for she never will, if only a wish could be cashed in for self-worth. If only love were enough, he would say it is, she would say different. She would spend the rest of her life in the heat of his gaze and the magic of his touch, but she only knows how to return to the endless winter.


Regina Quentin said...

Man, so I liked this. It definitely put me in the mood to go somewhere, sit down and write or tell the truth about my life for some reason. I quickly snuffed out that desire.

Is this from personal experience? Where do you get most of your poetry/prose moments from?

Wes Hemings said...

I can't honestly say this came from any specific personal experience; I was watching the Cowboys game last night and decided I'd write my piece during the halftime break and this blob of an idea came to mind, it contained generic he/she nouns, and it was originally only going to be the narration of his inner dialogue, but then I felt it would be nice to see another side of the coin.

I wanted it detailed enough to understand what was happening, but vague enough to paint your own picture of what each is feeling, I think this is a good way for people to fill in their own emotions and details.

Thanks for reading my lone follower! lol

and should you ever write about the truth of your life then I hope I'll get a copy.

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