Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Amazed

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I sit here in awe of the human condition, the absolute complexity of every person. The wide range of beauty and vileness that we each carry and can display at any moments notice. The fragile and sensitive side, offset by the unending strength and determination. How the same person can uplift another, or tear them down. The use of words can bring dark clouds or the much needed sunshine to relieve the harsh night. One can fight, one can lay down and forfeit. Exercise freedom of thought, or forgo such freedoms and simply conform to another's views and opinions. One can see beauty in nearly everything or just close their eyes and deny, deny, deny, for it sometimes is easier to see the ugly. You can feel the wind blow through your hair, you can also stay inside. A man can love and be loved, the same man can distort and barricade off his heart, hardening the very thing he's trying to protect. I can be centric, whether it's ethno, cultural or self, it can be all about me, ours and mine, instead of looking to understand how someone else does it, sees it and lives it. Someone said that we're the sum of our experiences, but I think we're better if we can add in others' experiences as well, because when you begin to understand and see through the eyes of another, whether you love or hate them, your vision becomes sharper, your heart becomes bigger and your speech comes slower. The whole world is capable of hope & destruction, breaking hearts, mending hearts, peace & war, tears & laughter. And to me, this is amazing.


Regina Quentin said...

I was out of town and didn't get the opportunity to tell you how awesome I thought this was. I think prose like this is one of the best cards in your deck. THIS was amazing. I loved reading it; it called on emotions inside of me.

Wes Hemings said...

Thanks Regina!! Stuff like this is certainly my most effortless writing, so I'm glad it's legible. ;)

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