Monday, September 14, 2009

a love affair (Poem)

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i have a love affair where love is fair,
but the love is rare like hair where you're rubbin nair,
the love i have is something quick but something slow,
you see it fast but speak it slow,
it yells loudly but not like trumpets blow,
the love is twisted, my love is polygamous,
love them all, love them tall and ridiculous,
the love is corny, the love is passionate,
the love is abused and bastardized,
my love is truth, my love is lies,
my love is used to sell alibis,
this love i have is others too,
we spread it around like lovers do,
my love is funny, my love is ironic,
and the same love taken up by the iconic,
my love is special, but not unique,
because it's witnessed when beauty speaks,
my love is safe, my love hurts,
this love is everywhere, this love is Words.

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Regina Quentin said...

Thank you my friend for sharing. Thank you for giving in to the forces that be and starting your blog.

Your voice is unique; it is awesome.


p.s. this is a clever poem

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