Monday, October 12, 2009

Boldly Go

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What does it mean to be inspired? Is it a feeling inside you that won't leave? Is it a thought that is screaming to be expressed in some way? Is it some deep urge to do something you've never done before? A desire unfulfilled? A hope waiting to be realized?

Where does inspiration come from? Is it a sight, a beauty that captivates and forces you to re-express it? Is it divine, the very breath of God flowing through you to reveal a new truth, or maybe an old one forgotten? Does it spring from an old memory that pushes and innovates itself in a new freeing way? A taste, a smell, a touch, a sound? Is it guilt, is it pride? Is it drawn from security or heartbreak? Is it another's work of art, or maybe the destruction of it?

Where does it go? Is it used or ignored? Built upon or wasted? Does inspiration beget inspiration? Does it pave the way to self-reflection and revelations? Is it crafted in the hopes of benefitting someone else, or more as an outlet to satisfy the craving of the soul?

I suspect it's all of that and none of it. Whatever it is, appreciate it. Wherever it is from, listen to it. Whatever you do, use it to boldly go where you have never gone before or you may one day find yourself uninspired, and a worse fate in this life I cannot imagine.

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Regina Quentin said...

Whoever wrote that has some insight. The words made me stop. Things were on hold as I read it and contemplated the meaning.


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