Monday, October 26, 2009

Filling a Blank Sheet

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My mind is sort of a blank right now. Not that I don't have tons of thoughts and ideas, none that really want to formulate into a workable post at the moment, but they're there, their intent to fruitfully come forth notwithstanding, they lurk and mock me at the very tip of my own tongue. The question becomes, what do you do with such an issue? The writer's greatest enemy.

Well, my normal method is to just let it all sit and bake in my head until it rises like bread overflowing and demanding to be vented. I've walked around with a poem in my head for weeks before putting it on paper, and there's a half dozen stories that are floating up there until the time comes that they've developed enough to scribble them out.

With all these thoughts constantly evolving, there's rarely a blank sheet of paper that scares me, because even if none of my muses are ready for prime-time I like to think that there's some static electricity from them all rubbing against each other and that sparks other unique sequences that are more easily captured. Almost a "leftovers for dinner" situation.

Oh, it's not blank anymore. I guess you can write about anything.

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