Monday, November 2, 2009

Miss Jilly Sinclaire

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He blinked twice, unsure if the message was getting through. The rules on communication were clear, blink once for no, twice for yes. Being strapped to a bed was no picnic you see, made worse by the ever present threat of The Butcher in the next room, when will he take his new victim through the paces? Hopefully, never.

He knew he was safe when help arrived in the delicate form of one Miss Jilly Sinclaire, aided by her always loyal basket of talking laundry, Mister Sheets. He'd heard stories of Miss Jilly and Mister Sheets, her knack for finding people in need coupled with his ability to provide cover and costumes in always the cleverest of ways. Their skills would be needed, if not put to the most extreme of tests.

Miss Jilly responded to his blinks by giving him a big thumbs up, Miss Jilly Sinclaire nodded to Mister Sheets and he promptly slithered out a sheet and layed it at the foot of the door. Miss Jilly climbed the wall and waited upside down on the ceiling, waiting to pounce. He got the indication that on the count of three, he was to yell like a madman.


The Butcher heard the commotion, and flung the door open so fast its hinges nearly broke!

"Please calm down Mr. Zelnicki," said The Butcher, and as he stepped through the door the sheet was yanked from underneath him! Miss Jilly pounced onto the toppled evil-doer, ready to strike a mighty blow! Mister Sheets quickly tied The Butcher's ankles together with the same sheet that felled the monster of a human. "Security!! SECURITY!!" The Butcher screamed.

"Mr. Zelnicki?? You have no clue who you're dealing with Butcher!!", Mr. Zelnicki replied, "And what evil men would take up with you? Mister Sheets, quickly now, gag his mouth!"

The Butcher furiously looked around as he was fighting off having his feet tied together, yet rubbing his surely concussed head. "Aw, Mister Zelnicki, you haven't been taking your medication again, have you? And how did you get out of your bed?"

As security burst through the door Mr. Zelnicki shouted, "It was Miss Jilly Sinclaire, that's how! She knows about me and she won't give up until I'm free!! Get back you evil henchmen!! BACK!!!"

Security quickly took control of Mr. Zelnicki, because as fate would have it, there was no evil man holding him captive, unless you are to count his imagination, but such is the condition of men who reside in mental hospitals.


Regina Quentin said...

Oh my gosh. How do you think of this stuff? I was really entertained and I must say really nervous during this story. I really wanted him to escape. Good one Wes.

Wes Hemings said...

LOL! Thanks, I have to admit my favorite line is "Mister Sheets, quickly now, gag his mouth!", cuz in my head I can see this lunatic shouting to an imaginary character in such urgency, it tickles me.

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