Monday, December 7, 2009

Inspiration's Theme

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Do not give up. Don't you dare quit. It hurts, it stings and it just may get worse before it's all said and done. It's too easy to go home and quietly pass away, in fact, it's so easy that that's what nearly everyone does. They check out of everything that's difficult, bypass all hardship in favor of the road more traveled. There's a great many friends and creature comforts on this road. But the road to greatness, the road to healing, the steep and winding road to self-discovery and enlightenment is carved and forged by self-doubt, tears, sacrifice and sheer determination. This is why it's called trailblazing.

The temptation to roll over and play dead must be overcome with your wits, your inescapable desire to get where you want to be so that in 6 months you do not look back and wonder where you could be. No. In 6 months you will gaze into your past in awe of what you pushed through, and confounded that it was indeed you who did this, as-if there were someone else who wrote those words, found that answer, hit those weights or cured those blues. Maybe you'll be right. Maybe it was you all along. This is what makes for a soft pillow.

Do not concede. Do not give way. Think of the tomorrow-you, the one who is looking at the today-you, give the tomorrow-you satisfaction & dignity, pride & motivation, born out of the unflinching grit that pushed through the sting and hurt. Because you didn't dare quit. You, did not, give up.

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