Monday, December 14, 2009

Just The Facts

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Be leery of news organizations that are more interested in injecting their opinions, rather than stating the facts. Facts are useful to understand a situation, but when newsmen deliver opinions then it becomes difficult to distinguish between their personal beliefs and real events, because they're in a position in which we expect/trust to hear facts, so the line begins to blur between fact and opinion.

FOX News comes to mind. They seem to have turned the issue of "selling copy" into an art of targeting "news" to a specific demographic. This is problematic because if you craft your news to a specific audience then you're not reporting the news/facts/reality, you're catering to what someone wants to hear, which is fine if you're creating a sitcom, but not if you want the facts to stand on their own as a reputable news conglomerate. There's a reason "freedom of the press" was written into our constitution, because the founding fathers knew that a healthy government was held in check by accurate and unbiased journalism who reported to the public (instead of being ran and muzzled by the government).

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