Monday, December 21, 2009

Sporting Beauty

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I love sports! I love the San Antonio Spurs, the Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Astros, and the Texas Longhorns. Love them all, maybe not necessarily equally, but deeply nonetheless!

Part of my personality is that I'm competitive, I try to be graceful in losing, but I hate it. I hate it and I'm not used to it, because I love challenges and figuring out the angles and that taste of sweet victory knowing I "gave it my all" or "figured it out". Now, I obviously don't play any collegiate or professional sports, but I still love the ride as much, even though I don't have a hand in the outcome. Because, for me, there's something exciting about being apart of something I don't have any control over. It's the ultimate movie, where the climax may or may not favor my chosen "good guy"! And I'm sure many will say that it's silly to invest your emotions in such a thing, but it's the most exciting non-scripted event around. Sports. And I love being a fan.

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