Monday, February 22, 2010

Changing Favicons

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Quick tutorial. Ever wanted to changed that Blogger image that sits next to your URL? That's called a Favicon (short for Favorites Icon) and you can switch that out on your blogger profile.

To change it is simple enough. I used a little program called Gimp as my free photo/graphic editor, but I'm sure virtually any paintshop-like editor will do.

Next, create a 16x16 pixel image that you like and think will show up well enough. Save this image as whatever.ico (.ico is the icon file extension apparently), upload it somewhere (I have several websites that I can use, but perhaps picasa is a free option? Google around and I'm sure there's a quick fix for finding a hosting place to link to.)

Once that's done, go to your Blogger options and select your layout, find the /head tag (that is enclosed with < and > tags) and paste the following code right before that /head tag:

<link href='http://your-URL-here/image-name.ico'
rel='shortcut icon'/>

Just replace the URL with the one for your image.

You're finished! You'll need to reload your browser for it to probably show up.

PS. is a place to host your favicon if all else fails, but I didn't care for it, it seemed to keep cropping my image.

Have fun and I'll be posting soon about the relaunch of my website: BlackPrint

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Regina Quentin said...

Woo hoo! I really did wonder how people did that amazingness. Thank you.

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