Monday, February 8, 2010

Vengeance is Mine

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Recently saw "The Edge of Darkness" starring a wrathful Mel Gibson. I think we all have seen the previews enough to know that someone kills Mel's daughter and he goes nuts. While the movie was decent (I'd wait for the DVD if I were you, but Mel is still great onscreen), I'd rather talk about retaliating and renegade justice. Is it ever okay?

Me, I think there does come a time for vengeance. I'm not always okay with letting the law sort things out. However, I also acknowledge that it's at my own legal expense to carry out such actions. If someone assaults my friend and they wish to "take it to the streets"? Yep, I'm probably going to do that. I realize it gets even more complicated if you have a family, can a man afford to risk getting locked up in something that doesn't involve his family? I guess for me that gets situational, but I think what I would want to convey more than anything is that I'm going to protect the people I care about, because if I'm willing to protect my friends, how much more will I protect my wife and children? Or does the face of adversity make each of us less actionable?

There should certainly be a limit, murder is no good, no one is worth throwing your entire life away, unless it's the apocalypse or your very life is being threatened. Do you have a limit, or is it always best to let the official law enforcement handle such things?


Regina Quentin said...

I'm almost scared to admit this on the internet...'cause I know it can be found by said law enforcement officers, but yeah, it's a case by case thing. Some things have to go to the streets, and I can't promise good behavior when a friend or family member is involved. It is what it is.

Wes Hemings said...

No lie, I kind of dumbed down what I wrote for fear of it striking me back in some future unknown incident.

So I'll write a disclaimer: This blog is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken literally.

Jo said...

hmm...I don't know about this one. I honestly couldn't say one way or the other how I might react...

but in taking vengeance into our own hands we're taking away what He said was His and to what degree would He avenge Himself on us for that wrong... :/

Regina Quentin said...

Jo has a good and Biblical point. I pray that I react Biblically to all things. My reality is very different though.

But, like Wes, I was just commenting for entertainment purposes and didn't literally mean it was a case by case thing.

Jo said...

Right, I understand, I didn't assume I would need to be searching the streets for either of you so I could break up your street brawls, hehe :)

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