Monday, March 1, 2010

A Love Race

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If you see my profile you'll no doubt notice that I'm white. I grew up in a fairly diverse town, lots of white people, lots of black people and plug in a solid latin population as well. For most of my life it's been normal for me to be attracted to "darker" colored girls (read: black). In fact, you could safely call it my preference (YEAH BAY-BUH!).

It's not a big deal to me to date or ask out a girl who isn't black of course, but it would seem that I have a bit more chemistry with black girls (as noted by the number of girls who've hit on me, etc). I think it's gotta be a beautiful thing to see cultures mixing in such a way that people are willing to not only look outside the familiarity of their own mirror, but outside the context of their very family makeup. Maybe not "boldness" (depending on the situation), but the ability to care more about what you want, than what others *may* think of you.

I've been watching "Mad Men" lately (FYI: the show is about an ad firm in NYC, set in the early 60s) and one of the characters in the show is dating a black girl, and while the show is fictional it certainly does make me to pause to consider just how hard dating outside your "race" or ethnicity probably was, but now, while it still may not be necessarily easy, it's something that you won't need to look too far to find acceptance.

I've seen people disowned by their family over this. My mother married a Mexican-American and said that it took years just for her father to speak to him. It's these situations I hope flicks the light on in people, because the logic inside of us should kick in during such episodes to say, "That isn't right. If this person is good enough for me to love, then they're good enough for my family as well."

Certainly the example I'll show to my kids, because what sense would it make to teach them kindness but draw a line in the sand that says: "You should be good to everyone, but such love and kindness has restrictions."

Of course, before I have kids I'll need to marry one of these lovely ladies first, but that's a different kind of race.

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