Monday, May 17, 2010

US Foreign Policy part 4: Preventive War

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Preventive War is the idea that you attack first to spearhead dangerous enemies before they get to you. Our 2003 invasion of Iraq is a great case study for Preventive/Preemptive War. The Bush administration labeled Iraq as a global threat harboring Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Saddam Hussein was said to have instigated this theory as a means for intimidating Iran, so the US invaded Iraq claiming proof of these weapons though none actually existed. So naturally, after 7 years of occupying Iraq and yielding nothing substantial you should only conclude that the justification for invading Iraq was falsely produced and we should never have invaded.

Had Bush been President during the Cuban Missile Crisis we surely would have had catastrophe, because a policy dictating "take them out just in case" is not a sound principle of peace. It was recently posed to me that if someone was acting suspicious and led me to believe they possessed a gun, would I do nothing? Well, yeah, probably. Suspicions alone do not justify ending lives, and many civilians and soldiers alike died for such a tragic policy.

So when you hear people say we should invade Iran because they have a nuclear program, we should hear all the facts before demanding blood. For instance, many countries possess nuclear weapons or are at least thought by experts to possess them: China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, UK, Israel, North Korea and most certainly the United States. That's probably not even the entire list. The only country to have used a nuclear weapon in war is of course, us. So, how does that make us the moral authority?

Good thing no other country is practicing Preventive War on us, at least not since Pearl Harbor, but you see how that ended for Japan. It inflamed US citizens and prompted many to join the military to right such a wrong, do you not think it has the same result in other countries? Do you think it cannot result in a similar ending for us? We are not above the law, and certainly not the law that we ourselves have implemented, yet we bomb other countries for things they haven't done and have the audacity to get indignant when they fight back.

Preventive War leads to erroneous wars, more hatred abroad from bombing their land, killing their people, occupying their country and dictating how they should run their government and it's also expensive for us to fund.

The idea of going to war to prevent war is a rather ridiculous notion for US politicians to play up, because if you don't want war then stop cooking up false pretenses to wage it.
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