Monday, August 2, 2010

US Foreign Policy part 9: The War on Terror

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The most striking thing about our "War on Terror" is that terrorism is a tactic, and you can't really go to war with a tactic. And, it's a tactic we ourselves aren't above using, as indicated in my last post about the CIA supporting guerrillas in Nicaragua, "All of these terrorist instructions have the main purpose of alienating the population from the Government through creating a climate of terror and fear, so that nobody would dare support the Government", this was from Commander Luis Carrion in reference to a CIA manual given to the contras titled "Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare".

In our "war on terrorism" we also are getting really good at funding warlords. In Afghanistan, freelance gunmen, militia leaders and warlords are paid as escorts and sometimes the Taliban is actually getting paid to not attack convoys.

We invaded Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 attacks, because we were told that was the place Bin Laden's Al Qaeda was hiding out under the nose of the Afghan government which at the time was being run by the Taliban. It's important to note that Al Qaeda is the terrorist organization, not the Taliban. The Taliban is a Muslim militia who weren't involved in 9/11. Of course, after we picked a fight with them it's been a source of conflict since our invasion. It's also important to note that the Taliban & Al Qaeda both were receiving support from the US/CIA in the 80s to retaliate against the Soviets, and now we're fighting them. At least we didn't have that problem with Saddam...oh.

Anyway. We invaded Afghanistan to take out Al Qaeda, but reports now show that there's hardly any of them left in Afghanistan and that they've relocated mostly to Pakistan. Yet we're still in Afghanistan to "build democracy". It didn't work for the Soviet Union, and judging by the level of "stability" it isn't going to work for us. Even if we could "conquer" or "win" that war, it would be completely irrelevant (and fly in the face of FREEDOM) anyway, because we didn't go there to build a nation, it was a blood hunt and it failed. If our leaders really wanted to bring Bin Laden to justice then that ship has sailed, or we'll invade Pakistan, which seems to be on the horizon.

The real irony of course is that the more we go to war with terrorism, the more terrorists we create. To understand this concept all you need to do is imagine the scenario is reversed: someone invades our land, kills our friends/family/neighbors or just fellow citizens on the other side of the nation, it would invoke a great deal of national pride and would easily direct our hate to the attackers, and the more they swept through our land and killed our people the more we would desire to fight back, but you and I wouldn't call ourselves terrorists, we'd call it patriotic. What happened on 9/11 was beyond any attempt to adequately find the words to type here, yet we are inciting similar feelings in others every single time we bomb the wrong building or our drones kill their people.

In the name of fighting terror, we're creating a great deal of it.
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