Monday, August 23, 2010

Who cares about a mosque in New York?

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I don't care that a mosque is being built close to ground zero. There's a number of reasons for this, allow me to enumerate:

1. It's a property rights issue
I'm fairly sure mosques aren't illegal. It's not as if they said "We're building a terrorist training center and drug factory." But I guess even those things would be fine as long as they received the proper labels like "CIA" or "Pharmaceuticals". If a group buys land, and they follow local law, I don't see any reason they can't build whatever they wish.

2. Religious Tolerance
I'm not Muslim, but that doesn't mean I need to take a stance of defiance against the entire Muslim community. Seeking to shut down the construction of a religious place of worship flies in the face of our deepest roots, the freedom to worship free of persecution.

3. Freedom of speech
Dr. Laura recently resigned from her radio talk-show. She took a call from a black woman who was looking for advice about her white boyfriend using the "n" word, so this loving "Christian" woman goes on a tirade of dropping the "n" bomb 11 times. Naturally this resulted in advertisers pulling out and a fallout from listeners, in response to all of that she stated that she was on a mission to regain her "1st Amendment Rights". Dr Laura is an idiot, the constitution is our contract with the government, not with citizens, so when someone no longer wishes to subscribe to your show because you're an unabashed idiot then that's our freedoms being properly exercised. However, if the state shuts down the Mosque that would be the opposite, and a very troubling precedent. But if the Muslim community decided to listen to New Yorkers and shut it down on their own volition, then that too is a proper exercise of freedom.

4. Islam is not the enemy
I'd like to be amazed at how utterly stupid media personalities can be, but that ship sailed a while ago. The fact is that we are not at war with Islam, despite what is preached from the airwaves. There's an enormous difference between being at war with an entire religion, and being at war with a group of people who *mostly* share a particular religion. If we're at war with Islam then shouldn't we be rounding up Muslims and assassinating them? That would be completely sick and irrational, because we aren't at war with Islam, and perpetuating these illogical prejudices is only going to result in the persecution of more innocent people.

This upheaval reveals a number of things, that we're all still reeling over what our country suffered through, and that the media is being used by politicians to play on these emotions. Look long and hard at anyone so blatantly declaring Islam the issue, these people are manipulators or stupid. Neither of which need to be humored. If you allow one religion to be persecuted, be prepared to have the same done to your own sacred beliefs.

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