Monday, November 8, 2010

An Open Letter to My Congressman

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Mr. McCaul,

I've voted for you twice the past two elections and can see others joined me as well. This letter will address my expectations for you as my representative. While I know we completely differ on what qualifies as national security (you can find my analysis of foreign policy on my blog, I would like to primarily address economics & liberty in this open letter.

I am quite in line with Austrian Economists views on monetary policy and I'm hoping you are an open minded individual, as this philosophic approach to monetary matters will seep into the philosophy of small government and equality for all individuals.

I think we'll both agree that it is quite hypocritical for the Federal government to demand individuals and states to balance their checkbooks while not demanding the same of their own household. This is simply unacceptable, and any deficit spending of the government only goes towards creating more oppression and the destruction of more American wealth. Allow me to elaborate.

First: Tyranny. Anytime government oversteps its core reason for being it is immediately en route to tyranny. So, what is the core reason for having law? It is simply to protect life, liberty and property. Frederic Bastiat said it succinctly, "Life, liberty and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place." To attempt anything further than protecting every person's property equally, means that the law has immediately become unjust, for what lies beyond equality but inequality?

The government has nothing, so it must first take from someone so that it may give to someone else. Perhaps you demand every child be given a free education. Who should teach them if no one volunteers? Who should pay the teachers, with whose money? Who should fund the facilities? I'm greatly in favor of an education, but what is an education if not someone's perspective on life? Accurate math should always provide the same answer, yet who gets to decide which formulas and equations are best and most relevant to learn? History has only happened once, yet who gets to decide which side of the single truth is told? Why is it that science and creationism cannot coexist on purely academic terms? If the government is to be involved in an area, then it must show no biased to or against any people group.

From a federal standpoint, I expect you to fight against the Department of Education and allow our communities who balance their own budgets to decide these matters. That excess money is no longer federally needed to be extracted from the public. Not only education, but the same can be said for same-sex marriage, drugs and prostitution. These are personal choices, and though I am heterosexual, do not do drugs or participate in prostitution I feel that the lowest form of expressing my morals is by using force through legislation.

If the government protects property rights then I say it protects everything it is there to protect: I'm vindicated in acts of violence against my person since that is a violation of my property; it prosecutes against theft and the breaking of contracts; and when it's limited to protecting my property then it does not encroach on my individuality by legislating how I choose to live my life. Anything further begins the process of picking a side. How much money can be saved by allowing cops to enforce meaningful laws? Imagine how the courts would be expedited without the logjam in the judiciary system, and what of the money saved in prisons and jails! If someone desires to harm their bodies with pot, heroin or alcohol it is their own business as long as they do not violate my property, because we are not legalizing violence and theft. The law should protect my property rather than plunder it, or else what good is law?

Secondly: the government's destruction of wealth. Government is not a business which produces anything of worth. It is not a productive entity. On the contrary, it only consumes from those who DO produce and uses it in a destructive manner.

For instance, some say that the IRS creates jobs. However, I say that it destroys jobs and potential jobs in the private market through the consumption of resources. These resources lay in many areas, the direct taxation that the IRS agents are expected to collect is an obvious resource that the private sector loses right off the top, but what of the human resource that is lost? Yes, the IRS agent himself is a lost resource! On the open market perhaps this man would be an entrepreneur, or a financial analyst or bookkeeper, helping a business that produces something of value on the open market. Perhaps the business' own accountant could be better utilized as a forecaster instead of wasting time and filing space figuring out the chaotic tax code! To think of the man-hours wasted on taxes that could be spent on productivity! What of the physical land that is consumed? Perhaps this land would be a factory or a warehouse for shipments! What of the resources that are used in the building itself? What of the men who spent their time building that building? The government thinks that these are jobs created, but I say that it is a resource wasted on something that is merely a destructive end. For what good is produced out of the use of these resources?

Consider for example a farmer who grows wheat, he consumes half his crop to live and sells the other half on the open market. He then uses the proceeds to start his next crop and double his land producing even more! Let us inject a soldier who eats only half of what the farmer requires, yet, what has the soldier produced of value? Nothing! He merely has destroyed 1/4 of the crop and created nothing of value himself. Perhaps if we turned that soldier into another farmer they could work twice as much land and be that much more productive. Thus we can see the possibility of how government destroys what the free market could more efficiently utilize.

Surely providing protection of life, liberty and property has not always been so expensive! The day of our founding fathers could not have been a day of such a fiscally oppressive budget. Therefore I expect you to fight against the income tax, and as many taxes as you can fight against. Trim the fat until we can see the six-pack abs of Lady Liberty!

This is not to even mention the destruction of our dollar through inflation, helmed by Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve, an evil devourer of wealth if ever there was one. What else can we call an entity that is designed to steal the value of the money I earn? Therefore, I expect you to fight to end the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve and the Fed all together, instead let us Americans decide what we desire to trade with, we are smarter than your colleagues deem us to be. All that the constitution requires is that we pay our debts to the state in gold or silver, so let it be so and let us trade amongst ourselves however we please. Let us opt out of the destruction of our wealth (through the erosion of the dollar) and repeal legal tender laws!

I voted for you, and though I'm technically a registered Republican, I am no loyal slave to a party. I voted for Bush, and I voted for Obama, though I have great disappointment in their Presidencies. This mid-term I've voted for Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians. I am no partisan slave. No, I think it's a vile thing indeed and would repeal every law respecting party lines if given the chance. Martin Luther King Jr desired that men would be judged on their character, not on their color. Similarly, I believe that politicians should be judged on their philosophy and not on their party. How egregious the thought that you can know someone's ideals without first asking. This is a bipartisan dictatorship, and the core "values" that each party claims to have, they violate daily. Republicans claim a stance of small government, yet how long since a Republican President has decreased the budget or said what program they'd cut if given the chance? Republicans cry foul over the "socialist" Obama, who looks to redistribute wealth, where was this philosophy when Bush was taking oil from Iraqis to give to tycoons, when he taxed us directly and indirectly (through inflation) to give to Halliburton and other war profiteers? Republicans cry as though they're Pro-Lifers yet kill citizens with warmongering, both foreign and domestic, guilty and innocent alike. Not to mention the foul stench of our inhumane torture, and to people who have been given no trial! Liberty-minded party indeed! Democrats claim to be for individuality and personal choice, yet Clinton enacted "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", the government deems itself as the bestow-er of marriage and yet discriminates against homosexuals. Fighting for the oppressed, there's an unenviable amount of oppression. Therefore, I expect you to stand for a philosophy of individual liberty, and find like-minded individuals regardless of their affiliation. I expect you to fight for my right to be left alone. I expect you to be willing to learn from anyone, wisdom favors the humble. No grandstanding, no rhetoric, no excuses.

Some may ask what all this "injustice" and "tyranny" is that I speak of, because we do indeed still have a country to be marveled about. So, let me clarify that I find the income tax a modernized form of thievery and servitude. My money is something I spent my time earning, if I pay $200 in taxes while earning $5/hour then the government has made me work for them for 40 hours! If I don't pay then I face jail, and even if I am deemed as a "late" payer of the income tax then I face fines. I am to pay late fees on thievery! What do I get in return of this taxation? The Patriot Act? A subversive CIA that entangles us in foreign affairs? 700 bases in 130 countries? How does intruding on other countries make us any safer? This is like saying waving a gun around in public and shooting bystanders is the only way to ensure no one attacks me! How does intruding on my life increase my freedom? No, transparency should be limited to the government! Should we expect that the few in power will look out for the many? No, it's more reasonable to say that the many with equal power will keep each other in check. Give the power back, let us choose how we live without fear of big brother's disapproval and incrimination.

I'm no tea-partyer, though I admire their spirit. I'm no anarchist, I love our Republic. I'm only a 29 year old white male from a small conservative town (transplanted to Austin), but I know enough to see injustice and inconsistent ideologies, and I know when change is promised I'm expecting a change of direction, not a change of shoes. I make myself available to you for any exchange of ideas, in person, by phone or email. I have no qualms with listening to your views or hearing my philosophy corrected, an open-minded and honest conversation is the only way to change the hearts and minds of an individual, and this country is only made up of individuals. I expect you to see them that way, and protect their American right to live as such. I wish you well Congressman.

Sincerest Regards,

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