Monday, August 15, 2011

These are the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates?

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Let me get this straight: Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are the Republican candidates? These represent the "conservative" right wing? It's too easy. It really is.

First you have Michele Bachmann, a former IRS Attorney who prosecuted Americans, and she's the Tea Party champion for less taxes and spending? The IRS is the epitome of everything I thought the Tea Party loathed. That's irony, right?

Then you have Mitt Romney, who has Obama in his sights, Romney's going to repeal that nasty healthcare law that was passed, that dirty disgusting-- wait, didn't Mitt Romney pass this legislation as Governor of Massachusetts before Obama dreamed of putting it through the Federal paces? Mitt, how about you repeal it in your own state first.

Wait, not finished. Rick Perry, Governor of my very own state of Texas. Dyed in the wool conservative Republican, yeah? This guy is a red-meat-eating.....what's that? He was a Democrat and helped lead Al Gore's presidential campaign? Sweet.

So, we have an IRS Prosecutor, Romneycare, and Al Gore's campaign team. None of them feel even remotely sane, and that's without really diving into the issues. None of them want to stop fighting wars. That's the only strike that counts in Round 1. Can we please stop killing our citizens and innocent foreign civilians in mindless wars? Can we argue that peace is a good option? Can we change our own Foreign Policy before trying to change someone else's?

Those candidates suck if that's the only options being given. Fortunately, much like the media, I left out the other candidate who virtually tied for first in the Ames Republican Presidential Straw Poll. I'm talking about Ron Paul. He wants to end the wars and militarism around the world. He's the only candidate (and possibly the only politician) who understands why we've had these economic bubbles, and he understands how to correct the economy to regain the path to growth. As far as being a Republican, his only "blemish" is that in 1988, while Perry was helping out Gore, Ron Paul was running on the Libertarian ticket. Thank GOD, I hate Reps and Dems, so it's good to know he cares more about philosophy than towing the party line. Besides, the founders had more in common with libertarians than the big two parties, y'know, less taxes and less government?

I'll be covering, intermittently, the 2012 Presidential Race. I'll try to be easy in telling you why Ron Paul is the only real option, because he represents the only real change. Everyone else is either stupid (Palin, Bachmann) or liars (Perry, Romney), or they're both (all of them). Ron Paul, google 'em, you may just find out you agree with him more than you think.

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