Monday, September 12, 2011

CNN Teaparty Debate 9/12/2011 Statistics

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Once again it was the Rick Perry & Mitt Romney show. Hogging up nearly 14 minutes and nearly 11 minutes respectively, the nearest talking time was Congresswoman Michele Bachmann with 8:35. Largely due to so many attacks on him, CNN gave no shortage of time to Rick Perry for response, and in many cases CNN actually initiated the back 'n forth. The case will probably be made that this was for the sake of continuing story-lines currently in the news cycle, but it is quite odd that in continuing news cycles that when the Federal Reserve is brought up for discussion that Santorum, Cain, Bachmann, Perry and Romney were all questioned, leaving out the one person in politics who is actually responsible for bringing the Federal Reserve out of the closet of secrecy: Ron Paul.

Oddly, the feedback loop continues since the talk time was given to the perceived frontrunners which will likely result in showing their highlights and discussing how they dominated the debate while everyone else was strangely absent. Perhaps it is time for a more forum-oriented national discussion, maybe half in actual forum with extended time-allotments and the other half in direct debates. I, for one, would love an entire debate where the candidates moderate. Can't be worse than this.

Here are the statistics:
Talking Time (mm:ss):
Perry 13:54
Romney 10:56
Ron Paul 07:34
Bachmann 08:35
Newt 07:32
Cain 05:42
Santorum 07:06
Huntsman 07:50
Total 1:09:09
*Note: This is uninterrupted talking time, except for audience cheer/applause in the middle of a response as this goes against their official response time. Does not include moderators' time for questions/interactions.

% of Total Talking Time:
Perry 20.10%
Romney 15.81%
Ron Paul 10.94%
Bachmann 12.41%
Newt 10.89%
Cain 8.24%
Santorum 10.27%
Huntsman 11.33%

# Turns Talking:
Perry 18
Romney 10
Ron Paul 7
Bachmann 8
Newt 5
Cain 6
Santorum 7
Huntsman 7
*Note: Does not include introductory & closing statement as these were all-included. Only responses longer than 10+ seconds.

Avg Time Between Turns:
Perry 02:37
Romney 04:40
Ron Paul 07:19
Bachmann 06:29
Newt 09:44
Cain 08:45
Santorum 06:30
Huntsman 07:19

As for platform time, Cain was robbed with only speaking 5 minutes and 42 seconds; Newt didn't get to address too many topics. Speaking of which...

Topics / Discussion Time:
Opening Comments
Social Security 10:21
Budget / Debt 05:23
Economy 12:53
Federal Reserve 04:27
Taxes 04:11
Executive Orders 05:23
Healthcare / Insurance 06:57
Immigration 08:22
Energy Independence 00:52
Defense Spending 02:39
Foreign Policy 03:46
Personal Question

The economy and Social Security dominating the discussion. Overall, covering a gamut of topics.

There you have it, statistically.


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Thanks guys, stay tuned for more analysis as the debates rage on.

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