Monday, October 17, 2011

Ron Paul's First Compromise? An Unbalanced Budget.

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Ron Paul has dropped his latest atomic bomb on the rest of the candidates: his proposed budget. Taking a chainsaw to the Federal budget, he manages to cut a trillion dollars in his first year by deleting five cabinet departments. Department of Energy, Education, Interior, Commerce and HUD (Housing and Urban Development), plus numerous other departments within various governmental sections. He also accomplishes this by stopping the wars and bringing home our troops. Expect the rest of the field to emulate his latest move at any moment. The man is on a roll.


Ron Paul is about to be a victim of his own success. The man of conviction has seemingly made his first compromise. Understand that a Ron Paul compromise looks nothing like the compromises of other candidates. This isn't Barack Obama campaigning to restore civil liberties and then assassinating a US citizen. This isn't Mitt Romney passing Romneycare and then condemning the same program under his rival. It's not even Rick Perry clamoring for state's rights and then proposing an amendment to force states on how to handle marriage. It's Ron Paul taking three years to balance the budget instead of one.

Many Ron Paul supporters will decimate me for pointing out something they view as trivial. I won't let my support be so blind. I was taught to have political principles, and that by ceding the principle I cede the point. Ron Paul taught me that.

On his own 2012 campaign website Ron Paul states:

"As President, Ron Paul will lead the way out of this crisis by:
* Vetoing any unbalanced budget Congress sends to his desk."

It's at the top of his list. This is a compromise. Perhaps it is splitting hairs, but Ron Paul is a man of conviction. If he'll veto a congress-passed unbalanced budget, why should he be submitting a proposal that doesn't live up to his own standard?

In the continuing age of political corruption, Ron Paul has managed to set himself up as the man of philosophy and principle by such valiant moves such as rejecting a congressional retirement plan and in this new budget proposal he even makes the symbolic gesture of cutting his own salary by over $360,000 by going from a Presidential salary of $400,000 down to an everyman average of $39,336, that's principle.

Ron Paul, find $313 Billion to cut out of year one, it's a small price to keep your impeccable name intact.

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