Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CNBC Debate 11/9/2011 Stats on Candidate Talking Time

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Tracking the speaking time of each candidate these past 6 debates has taught me nothing if not that Mitt Romney will get a nice chunk of time to pontificate. Mitt spoke for 14:47 (mm:ss), good enough for almost 22% of all candidate talking time, the next closest GOP candidate was Newt Gingrich who spoke for 9:10, which is five and a half minutes less.

Rick Perry will clearly be the headline grabber this go 'round with his slipping memory. Honestly, I'm beginning to feel bad for him at this point. Not only has he gone from getting 14 or 15 minutes to talk, but now he doesn't know how to fill the time he does get, which was 7:25.

Statistically speaking, Rick Santorum was at the short end of the stick, getting only 5:25 of the total 1:07:21, but also waiting the longest on average between turns at 12:23. He also had the fewest turns talking at four, and didn't speak the last 24 minutes, including the entire last segment, of the debate.

Is it time, yet, to kill off one or two candidates from these debates? I'd like to nominate Santorum and Jon Huntsman. Both trailing in the polls, in money and in organization. Gingrich and Bachmann fit those categories fairly well also, but Bachmann has at least shown the possibility of doing well, and Newt has shown a small surge in some polls, even though neither has any money or organized ground game in all the early states.

Note: I'll be traveling next week and will be dramatically late with releasing the stats for Tuesday's debate, but I expect to have it posted by that Friday evening. I will also be posting my first video soon which will go on my YouTube channel here, feel free to subscribe to get it first.

Here's the stats:

Total Talk %
Romney 0:14:47 21.95%
Gingrich 0:09:10 13.61%
Cain 0:08:23 12.45%
Huntsman 0:07:54 11.73%
Ron Paul 0:07:27 11.06%
Perry 0:07:25 11.01%
Bachmann 0:06:50 10.15%
Santorum 0:05:25 8.04%
Total 1:07:21 100.00%
*Note: This is uninterrupted talking time, except for audience cheer/applause in the middle of a response as this goes against their official response time.

Turns Talking %
Romney 18 22.22%
Cain 13 16.05%
Perry 11 13.58%
Gingrich 11 13.58%
Ron Paul 9 11.11%
Huntsman 9 11.11%
Bachmann 6 7.41%
Santorum 4 4.94%
Total 81 100.00%

Avg b/w Talks Longest Wait
Santorum 0:12:23 0:24:08
Huntsman 0:10:49 0:17:55
Bachmann 0:10:38 0:15:17
Ron Paul 0:09:59 0:17:37
Perry 0:08:24 0:10:33
Cain 0:08:07 0:11:39
Gingrich 0:07:02 0:10:58
Romney 0:04:00 0:08:49

Qs Responses Follow-ups
Romney 10 2 6
Gingrich 8 0 3
Cain 8 0 5
Perry 7 0 4
Bachmann 6 0 0
Huntsman 6 0 3
Ron Paul 5 1 3
Santorum 4 0 0
Total 54 3 24
*Note: Followups are moderators asking for another response directly after a question. Responses are candidates responding to each other.

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