Friday, November 11, 2011

President Bush & Obama. Two Faces of the Same Coin.

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It's incredible how some Republicans consider Obama as the worst President in history. Not that it may be true, it could be, I somehow doubt they've studied all the Presidents we've had enough to have an informed opinion. No, it's surprising because there is remarkably little difference in Obama's policies and former President George W. Bush. Frankly, they're nearly indecipherable.

They both supported bailouts. Bush passed TARP shortly before leaving office, and Obama passed his own stimulus package shortly after arriving. Obama passed a huge regulations bill, Dodd-Frank, while Bush passed Sarbanes-Oxley. Bush even passed his own healthcare reform (link) that at the time was the largest expansion since 1965, costing some $400 Billion. Yes, Obama's was bigger and badder, but it wasn't without Republican precedent.

It's difficult to understand how easily conservatives sling mud at Obama while defending Bush. However, the exact same can be said of Obama supporters.

The cries were loud when Bush was self-declaring war and pushing through legislation that undermined civil liberties. Yet, Obama has mirrored the same policies and philosophies. Obama signed the Patriot Act, if you consider using a mechanical pen to be legal, which authorizes a plethora of Constitution-violating exceptions for authorities to spy on our citizens. Remember when we used to wonder how other countries allowed such a vile abuse of authority? (link)

Obama sent bombs to Libya, which is an act of war under even the lowest standards, without any congressional oversight and with no imminent threat to our national security. When it comes to drone bombings, our current President may be more prolific than the last with the rise in drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen (link). Hardly worthy of any Peace Prize.

Obama was supposed to regain our civil liberties. With the TSA pat-downs I think it's a hard case to make that he has any intention of handing anything back that Bush's foot snuck into (hint: Bush created the TSA).

Bush is often cited as a friend of big business, but if you look at the contributions you can easily see Obama shares some of these friends, including Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan, among others (link).

President Bush and President Obama are not frugal in their spending either. Bush put us trillions more in debt, and Obama has followed suit. I cannot figure out any logical reason why Bush lovers loathe Obama, and vice versa. I would think they would either jump on board both Presidents or cast vitriol on both, but picking one or the other and pretending there is any difference in policies is absurd at best. Partisan politics at worst.

Perhaps we can stop analyzing along party lines and just admit both sides facilitate the same path of destruction? Let us look at politicians as individuals, regardless of how we, or they, label themselves. They are individuals, and should not get to hide behind collectivist positioning.

Vote the Individual. Not the Party.

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