Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Choose Stigma. Rebel.

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In politics it is often, if not always, a necessity to build alliances in order to achieve political goals, specifically regarding passing/repealing legislation. Without the votes nothing will happen.

One of the things I find odd is how in today's political landscape the idea of achieving a philosophic or principled goal seems to be entirely ignored for the sake of filing in behind your chosen party. Primarily composed of Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps most find it a no-brainer, "Duh, they want to get reelected. You have to play the game to keep your job," some may say. I agree that's essentially what it amounts to, but what frustrates me is that our country allows it to continue.

Assigning blame is a difficult task, as Jack "The Southern Avenger" Hunter pointed out in a video log (YouTube link), we Americans have it pretty darn good. Perhaps so good that it became easy to let loose the reins of the people who wield the power of governance except on occasional superficial levels. It's kind of like being upset with a guy who gets married and puts on a healthy "spare tire". Sometimes it's just what happens when life gets good, you take things for granted.

That does not stop me from hoping for more from our society, such as the idea that you should hold your governing body accountable. It always seems that the politicos are more intent on tearing apart the politicians they didn't vote for rather than holding the feet of the one's they did vote for to the fire. This is completely backwards. I think that people would rather justify their decisions in the past rather than say that the guy they voted for didn't live up to his promises.

I have no problem admitting I voted for George W Bush in 2000, and if I had been registered in 2004 would have certainly did it again at that time. I also have no problem looking in hindsight and saying that he was an awful President and that I did not have a fully developed political philosophy. I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 -- though to be clear, I voted for Ron Paul in the Texas primary -- and have no qualms about picking apart his policies that contradict what he campaigned on.

Why wouldn't anyone seek complete truth and honesty, whether it means saying you were duped or that your politician is simply fallible? It's life and it happens. What's not excusable is to pretend that the issues held so dear when your enemy violated them are suddenly forgivable, if not encouraged, when your own political savior violates those same issues.

In such times I hope we look beyond partisan lines and begin to build coalitions with people on issues we can agree on rather than look at something so trivial and deceptive as a club you've joined and say that sticking by your team is more important than sticking by your principles. Because then it isn't politicians who have failed you, but rather your lack of courage.

Perhaps it is time to vote for what you want, rather than vote against what you do not. Otherwise, your options render the same choice: The lesser of two evils, is still evil.


gesterson said...

superb video, excellent article - too bad more people dont feel, think, live this way...

Wes Hemings said...

Thank you so much! Yeah, it's a shame the number of people who get bogged down in doing what they think others want them to do rather than stand on the strength of their own conclusions.

nvm93 said...

Such a great video!! I hope to see more in the future!!!

PS- What program do you use when making these cool videos?

Wes Hemings said...

Thanks! There's definitely more coming in the future and I'll be switching up the style from the first two, try to keep it fresh. :)

I use Adobe After Effects for the animating, Illustrator to create the images, record audio with Pro Tools and use Soundbooth to put in the sound effects.

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