Monday, January 23, 2012

Stats: NBC Florida Debate 1-23-2012 (Brian Williams)

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Several things were clear tonight. Brian Williams was concerned with creating sparks between candidates, and discussing the election itself rather than the issues that need governing. Perhaps just as clear was the lack of interest in mixing Ron Paul into the conversation. Speaking an overall of 10:08 (mm:ss), Ron Paul received just 10 turns talking, and at one point even waited for the other candidates a combined 14.5 minutes of nominee talking whereas no other candidate even approached 10 minutes in between turns.

Mitt Romney made a point of calling out Newt's ethics violations and overall disdain the Speaker had from his own party. Speaker Gingrich made a point of being himself and refuting facts with redirection and audacious tones. The man deserves credit for being crafty, not that "crafty" is a good trait in a President.

The debate did maintain an air of respect, even if poorly moderated. With Gingrich riding high you can expect him to stay above the fray until he's next threatened in the polls. As long as Newt stays Newt, that could come at any moment.

Connect on Facebook, here's the GOP Statistics, they speak loudly:

Total Talk %
Romney 21:56 33.27%
Gingrich 19:44 29.92%
Santorum 14:08 21.43%
Ron Paul 10:08 15.38%
Total 1:05:58 100.00%
*Note: This is uninterrupted talking time, except for audience cheer/applause in the middle of a response as this goes against their official response time.

Turns Talking %
Romney 27 36.00%
Gingrich 27 36.00%
Santorum 11 14.67%
Ron Paul 10 13.33%
Total 75 100.00%

Avg b/w Talks Longest Wait
Romney 1:54 6:40
Gingrich 2:09 5:01
Santorum 5:17 7:40
Ron Paul 6:36 14:34

Qs Responses Follow-ups
Romney 16 7 4
Gingrich 15 7 5
Santorum 9 0 2
Ron Paul 8 0 2
Total 48 14 13
Note: Qs = Questions; Responses (candidates responding to each other); Followups (moderator following up from the previous question)


Beautiful said...

Thank you for doing this story. : )

Wes Hemings said...

Thanks for taking the time to read it!

mystic X said...

There should be a professional looking site with stats from (post)debates & daily TV clearly showing the media bias. Showing people several links isn't nearly as convincing/convenient.
.. it could become a big hit

Wes Hemings said...

Thanks for the input, if I had the resources to cover daily TV coverage I certainly would. It would be an excellent way to show media-created narratives and it's something I've wanted to do for a while now. I'll eventually upgrade the look, but for now I'm putting my resources in other areas. Again, thanks for the feedback.

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