Friday, February 3, 2012

I Am Ron Paul

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I thought the latest video warranted some notes on why some things are the way they are. For one, I shot the people who showed up. I put out calls to local Ron Paul activist groups and to my personal friends as well, of the potentially hundreds of people who could've shown up only six people did (other than me and my co-producer Todd Sapio).

It would've been nice -- and we wanted -- to have all flavors of the movement represented, the young, the old, the families, the minorities, etc etc. However, can't shoot them if they don't show up and for this one I wasn't particularly interested in meeting any quotas. It's not that I don't think it's important, but I was more interested in shooting the video than in affirmative action. I'm big on reality, and the reality is those are the beautiful and wonderful people who showed up on a lazy Sunday afternoon to give me their time and I wasn't going to send a message that I cared more about their demographic makeup than their willing participation.

I also did not tell them how to dress. As long as no logos were involved I didn't care at all. I'm a fan of reality and this was not shot for payment so I'd prefer to let people be comfortable on camera, I think they have that right to represent themselves however they wish when donating their time and image. For the record, I thought everyone looked good and have no issue with any of the attire, they look good!

I'm sure it did not escape notice that there was a heavy bit of branding on the video, certainly not an accident. My previous video "Choose Stigma. Rebel." was reuploaded many times to others' channels, and while I was flattered that so many people liked the content enough to want to spread it, I was also put off by not getting the benefits of creating said video. So, to try and counteract that I decided to leave little room for doubt on where this production originated and built the titles into the presentation more heavily than before. Sorry if some don't care for it, but it's hard for the little guy to make an impact if no one even knows it's your work they're seeing.

Also, those aren't "devil horns" or "evil signs" at the end. At worst it should be taken as "rock on", as in "Rock the Revolution", and at best it means "I Love You" in sign language.

Lastly, and most important, I want to thank Todd Sapio for the seed idea that grew into this video and for producing this with me, would not have been an inch as good without his creative voice. He also produced the music -- which I LOVE -- and has an awesome band called "Language Room" that everyone should look for on iTunes and check out on their site

Rock the Revolution.

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