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Hello constant reader, I'm Wes Hemings. I won't write this bio in third person as if I have hired an outside party to take my oral history, that would be absurd.

My career history: I have been in the tech industry since shortly after graduating HS, where my HS education did not leave me with an ounce of computer/internet knowledge save typing. That did not stop me from getting my first tech job doing inside sales for an ISP, within a month or two I not only was pushing the bleeding-edge technology of DSL, but had also learned Shell with VI commands, and picked up HTML and a slew of other tech skills. In the decade since, I've done a wide range of jobs from web design, video editor, media specialist, tech support and I've recently picked up After Effects. If only that scraped the surface of my unending yearn for knowledge.

<3 Numbers: In addition to technology, I have always had a love of numbers. In elementary I became involved in mental math, which became a secret obsession of crunching numbers in my head hundreds of times per day. That obsession continues today, and has become useful as a basis for my understanding of things around me in that I look for facts as they are available. If I can find the logical underpinnings in something then that's what I'm shooting for, I look for ways to let logic and numbers shine new light on old topics.

My political history: I grew up in a Republican house in a small Texas town. My dad listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio while working in the oil fields all day. My oldest brother avidly tuned in to Sean Hannity. The rest of my family stayed fairly well on the sidelines, me included. I began to be interested in politics during the 2004 election. My brother had gotten me into Hannity a little bit, and while I hated his style of moderation (I TALK OVER YOU), I liked having some form of insight into the world of politics, but to hear Sean discuss it I was overwhelmed with the thought that I could never have all the details and know all the history of policies and who signed what law for what reason, yada yada. I stuck to the sideline except when I was pulled into conversation, in which case I gave my best reasoning.

The 2008 Presidential Election changed everything. Through a couple of friends/coworkers, I was turned toward Ron Paul. My initial reaction seems to have been typical, "Hm, okay, that's interesting, but I'm not sure if I agree with all of that." I immediately found common ground on war, but it was my love of numbers and logic that bonded with the economic side of Ron Paul's platform, that of Austrian Economics. I rabidly devoured hours and hours of Ron Paul interviews, speeches and articles. That soon turned to Mises.org where I listened to hours upon hours (and hours) of lectures, books and articles. I was smitten.

After gaining a philosophic ground, I quickly jumped off the sidelines to find my voice. Encouraged by my friend Regina, I originally started this blog to let out my random musings on whatever topic I chose, but it has become my political and economic outlet. It's my humble contribution to myself, lest these thoughts unwritten bind me to insanity. Readers are appreciated, but are not necessary. That said, interaction is encouraged whether in the comments or through email, I welcome honest and open discussion. I find it the best way to learn new things, whether it's learning about the world, you, or myself. Learning is good, let's try it.

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